We are an innovative company that develops products to replace single use plastics under the concepts of:


Easy to store, strong and sustainable

Clickeat Duo Retail Box (50 sets of wooden knives and forks)

Wheat Stem Bulbs (Gluten Free)


Keep it sustainable

Keep it biodegradable

Keep it different

Keep it handy


Our company is born in the search for a growth friendly planet and the global need to generate a change with the environment.


Our cutlery is made of 100% compostable wood, contributing to the reduction of plastics in the world.


Begin to eliminate the plastic waste of your day to day and be part of the change along with ClickEat, the 100% biodegradable cutlery.

No Chemicals

Our products are chemical free.

We believe that all actions that are carried out with consciousness for our environment, generate a change in society.